Brimato: Dual grafting of Brinjal and Tomato

ICAR-Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh develop a double grafted vegetable Brimato, after a successful field demonstration of grafted Pomato (Potato + Tomato), the dual grafting of brinjal and tomato (Brimato) was demonstrated in the field during 2020-21. 

In brimato brinjal hybrid - Kashi Sandesh and improved cultivar of tomato - Kashi Aman were successfully grafted onto brinjal rootstock - IC 111056. 

The grafting operation was carried out when brinjal seedlings were 25 to 30 days old and tomato 22 to 25 days old

The brinjal rootstock - IC 111056 has a tendency to develop two branches in around 5% seedlings

The grafting was done by side / splice method, wherein, 5 to 7 mm slanting cuts (45° angle) were made both in the rootstock and scion.

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