Tamil Nadu govt to launch five-year Tamil Nadu Millet Mission


Tamil Nadu govt to launch five-year Tamil Nadu Millet Mission

Presenting the state’s Agriculture Budget for FY24 in the Assembly on 21 March, Tamil Nadu Minister for Agriculture MRK Panneerselvam said the state government will implement the Tamil Nadu Millet Mission for five years.

The government has decided to take up millet cultivation in 50,000 acres of fallow land under its Tamil Nadu Millet Mission and provide subsidy for crop diversification into millets.

By bringing millet farmers together, 100 groups of millet producers will be formed and training programs will be run for them.

Subsidy will be provided for setting up sprinkler irrigation system in 12,500 acres.

Subsidy assistance will be provided to farmer producer groups for setting up millet processing centers to sell value-added millets.

To create awareness about the goodness of millets, the government will celebrate 'Bajra Utsav'.

To increase the production and consumption of millet, direct procurement of ragi and millet will be done and availability of millet will be ensured at fair price shops.

Millet-based food will be included in hostels of government institutions and educational institutions.

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