China become the largest importer of Indian broken rice


China become the largest importer of Indian broken rice

China has emerged as the largest importer or buyer of broken rice from India.

During the pandemic, China took the lead as the largest importer of broken rice from India.

7.7 % has been imported to China which is 16.34 lakh metric tonnes and India’s total export is 212.10 lakh metric tonnes in the year 2021-2022

Out of 16.34 LMT, 96 % of the rice exported to China was broken rice.

The total export for basmati and non-basmati altogether was 212.10 LMT in 2021-2022 which is 19.30 % higher than the export in 2020-2021 which stood at 177.79 LMT

Reasons for import by China

The reason for this increase in export of broken rice to China is the higher demand of rice for making noodles and wine in that country


About Broken Rice

Broken rice, as the name implies is referred to the grains of rice that are broken during the drying and milling process. These grains are separated from the whole long grains after processing. This broken rice has variety of applications ranging from food to making starch and hence, it is used in industries like cosmetics, textile, food etc. This broken rice is just that it is fragmented and is not anything different from the regular rice. It has the same taste and nutrition value as the regular whole rice.

Very small broken rice is used by brewers for manufacturing beer. It is used by the pet food industry. It is also used for feeding livestock and aquaculture. Broken rice is used to make starch which is used as laundry starch or in foods or in cosmetics or in textile manufacture.



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