Seed Production | Difference Between Seed Production and Crop Production

Seed Production

Systemized crop production is known as seed production. In seed production adequate care is given from the purchase of seeds upto harvest adopting proper seed and crop management techniques.

The benefits of seed production are

·         Higher income

·         Higher quality seed for next sowing

Difference between seed and crop production

Seed production

Crop production

Basic seed should be from an    authentic source

Any seed material can be used

Seed plot should be selected carefully for better performance, as per edaphic and environmental requirement

Can be grown in any area

Needs isolation from other varieties

Isolation is not necessary

Needs technical skill for maintenance of quality

Special technical skill is not required

Maintenance of genetic purity is important

Genetic purity is not required

Roguing is compulsorily practiced

Roguing is not practiced

Harvesting should be done at physiological/ harvestable maturity

Harvested at field maturity

Resultant seed should be vigorous and viable

Question of viability does not arise

Importance is given to seed quality rather than the yield

Importance is given more to yield


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